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We were in the 1st Arrondissement on the Rue Saint Honore, when we spotted a sculpture above a doorway on one of the buildings depicting two cherubs.

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Doorway lintel sculptured cherubs, 280 Rue Saint Honore, Paris
Located above a doorway at number 280 Rue Saint Honore there was an ornate stone carved lintel, which is a horizontal support found above windows and doors, sometimes referred to as a transom, and as you can see, it depicts two cherubs, or young children.
Right side cherub sculpture, 280 Rue Saint Honore, 1st Arrondissement
So here you can see the right hand side cherub, or young child, leaning on his right hand and facing the street, and above this is inscribed Henri Sabatier, Architect, who obviously must have originally designed the building.

But unfortunately, we have been unable to find out who sculpted this, nor when the building was originally constructed, although some of the buildings on this stretch of road have been there since the 1700s.
Left side sculptured cherub, 280 Rue Saint Honore, 75001
However, the above photograph shows the left hand side cherub with his back facing towards the street, yet also leaning back on his right hand, and above this you will see that Canal et Schuhl, Engineers has been inscribed onto the lintel.
Facade of 280 Rue Saint Honore building in Paris
Yet this image shows a view of Number 280 Rue Saint Honore from across the road with the ornate sculpture above the door, which we believe leads to apartments as there is a rental apartment at this particular address in Paris.

And as you can see, this is positioned in between La Rotonde des Tuileries Brasserie and Cafe on one side and the Auberge des Trois Bonheurs Chinese Restaurant on the other, and the yellow sign above the cherub sculpture also translates in English to For Rent.

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