Musee Edouard Branly museum in Paris

The museum is located within the Catholic Institute of Paris where the French inventor Edouard Eugene Branly worked, and he became known for his involvement with wireless telegraphy and his invention of the coherer.

A bit about Edouard Branly

The cultural heritage of the Catholic Institute in Paris includes the Musee Bible et Terre Sainte and the Musee Edouard Branly, and it was here that the inventor, professor and physicist, Edouard Branly, worked for many years.
Musee Edouard Branly Paris
His most renowned work was in the field of research in radiant heat, optics and electricity, and these studies are what led to the discovery of the principle of wireless telegraphy and the application of radio conductors to telematics.

In fact, Edouard Branly was nominated for a Nobel Prize three times, but never received it and he was also a rival of Marie Curie, beating her in an election for the French Academy of Sciences in 1911.

However, he became world renowned for his work and there is even a street named after him alongside the River Seine, which is called the Quai Branly, and when he died, he received a state funeral at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Yet do not get mistaken about what museum to visit if you wish find out more about the work of Edouard, as the Musee Quai Branly was named after the street and is an entirely different type of museum in Paris to the one on the Rue d’Assas, where this laboratory museum is located.

About Musee Edouard Branly

As we mentioned above, this museum is attached to the Catholic Institute of Paris and is located within the specially designed laboratory of the physicist that he had designed in 1932 by the architect Paul Tournon.

You will be able to discover numerous different devices and apparatus that Edouard Branly utilised in his experiments, including those that were used during a public demonstration of the applications of radio conductors, which he presented in 1898.

The office and his desk where he spent much of his time writing different publications along with the copper room that was specially designed for certain experiments, are also able to be discovered, and you will be able to follow the route that he took with science and discovery.
Musee Edouard Branly plaque
Edouard Branly working

Visiting Musee Edouard Branly

The Musee Edouard Branly is located in the 6th arrondissement at the Catholic Institute of Paris, and outside on the wall you will be able to see a plaque commemorating his achievements.

This museum is only accessible during the University academic year, but we would like to point out that it is only possible to visit by prior appointment, which would need to be organised via telephone on +33 (0) 1 49 54 52 40.

But do not forget about the first Italian style church in Paris located here called the Eglise Saint-Joseph des Carmes, along with its garden that is open on special heritage days and for guided tours of the Museum of the Bible and the Holy Land.
Bust of Edouard Branly
There are also numerous other tourist attractions in Paris, which are located close by such as the Musee Zadkine, the Refectoire des Cordeliers, the famous Luxembourg Gardens and many others like the Maison d’Auguste Comte.

Access to Musee Edouard Branly

When it comes to getting to this unusual museum via public transport in Paris, you will find that the nearest Metro stations are the Rennes stop serving line 12 and the Saint-Placide stop serving line 4, whereas the closest RER train station is the Luxembourg stop serving the RER B line.

You could also utilise the buses in Paris, and the bus lines 39, 58, 68, 70, 82, 83, 84, 87, 89, 94, 95 and 96 along with the Noctilien Night Bus Service via lines N01, N02, N12 and N13 will all get you within walking distance of the Musee Edouard Branly and other tourist attractions in the area.