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Le Cafe Cache in Paris

Located within the cultural art centre of the 104 Centquatre, the Hidden Cafe, as it translates to, has a wide variety of dishes on offer with comfort food such as hamburger and chips, etc along with snacks, fresh fruit juices and coffee in a 1950s setting.

About the Cafe Cache in Paris

The Cafe Cache resembles something between a coffee shop meeting place and a cafe that has a very relaxed environment, and this is an ideal place to meet up with friends and enjoy snacks, lunch, etc.

Located within the cultural art centre known as 104 or Centquatre, the contemporary and unusual decor was designed by Sebastien Wierinck who was one of the
resident artists at Centquatre and he took his inspiration from the 1950s to come up with a unique design that would imply comfort and friendliness for all.

There is of course the main cafe, but there is also a courtyard area, which is covered and heated in winter to make this an enjoyable venue all year round.  And from fresh fruit juices through to sandwiches and main dishes like pork fillet with rice, there are many different delights on offer.

But the main emphasis is on beverages and snacks ranging from a milkshake to coffee and house fries through to a cheeseburger or beef tartare plus there are salads and much more on this varied menu that will not break the bank.  And to give you an idea of cost the house fries are €5 as of 2014 and the Dish of the day is around €12 to €14.

Visiting the Cafe Cache in Paris

As we have mentioned before, you will find Le Cafe Cache located within the 104 Centquatre art and cultural centre within the 19th Arrondissement, however, there is an entrance on the Rue d’Aubervilliers, which means the cafe can still be accessed even when the cultural centre is closed.

On a Tuesday and Wednesday this cafe in Paris is open from 9am through to 8pm, but until 10pm on nights where there are performances being held at the Centquatre, then on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday the cafe Cache is open from 9am through to 10.30pm.

You will also find it open on a Sunday from 11am through to 8am, but it is always closed on a Monday along with certain national French holidays, plus on other holidays they do vary their times, so it is worth checking prior to turning up if it is a celebration or holiday in Paris.

Now when it comes to reaching the Hidden Cafe via public transport in Paris, you will find that the nearest Metro stations are the Crimee stop and the Riquet stop that both serve line 7, yet a bit further away you have the Marx Dormoy stop via line 2.

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Address and Contact Details

Le Cafe Cache
104 Centquatre
106 Rue d’Aubervilliers
Ile de France

Tel: +33 (0) 1 42 05 38 50

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