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The Gargoyles on Notre Dame de Paris are very well known, yet are often confused with the statues that adorn the top of this famous cathedral, but these are actually known as Chimeras, whereas the Gargoyle statues are those stone creatures that you can see in these high definition photos which jut far out from the side of the building to shed water away from the gothic structure.

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Gargoyle statues on Notre Dame Cathedral
Gargoyles are said to scare off and protect people from evil spirits, and they are stone carved creatures that are designed as drain spouts to carry water away from a building to protect the structure from damage, and this next close up HD photo we took shows two of these Gargoyle statues on Notre Dame Cathedral, and as you can see, they have open mouths, which is where the water comes out from any rain and storms.
Notre Dame Cathedral Gargoyle statues
Now, the Gargoyles have adorned the Notre Dame Cathedral for hundreds of years and are an architectural design that was put in place to serve a purpose, and many Gothic cathedrals have similar elements along with statues of often scary creatures, and in this next close up photo you can see a gargoyle at the end of a gully.

Yet there are many buildings throughout the world that no longer have these in place, as they either fell off due to the weight of them or were deemed unsafe, but this cathedral in Paris maintains this architectural element for the delight of everyone.
Gargoyle statue on Notre Dame gully
These legendary mythical statues on Notre Dame Cathedral are fascinating and a popular tourist attraction in Paris, and the elongated statue of a creature with its mouth open that you can see in this next HD image, in architecture is a true Gargoyle, and this name originates from a French word, which means throat or gullet.
Photo of Gargoyle statue
Also, Notre Dame Cathedral was one of the first buildings in the world to use the flying buttress design for external supports of the structure, and you can see a part of these in this next photo, along with one of the Gargoyle stone statue that sticks out from the end of flying buttress, and together they have been protecting this fabulous Gothic architectural masterpiece for over 850 years.
Flying buttress with Gargoyle statue
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