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Notre Dame Mass And Services
Services At Notre Dame Cathedral
Mass At Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Paris

Mass and Services at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

The Notre Dame de Paris is one of the major tourist attractions in Paris even for those that are not religious that would just like to experience the fabulous architecture and the history of the building through to the great Organ, the Towers and the incredible Emmanuel Bell, plus much more.

Yet the Notre Dame Cathedral is still a place of worship even though it attracts millions of visitors each year, and you will find that many people who go on holiday to Paris are also on a pilgrimage, which is why this sacred monument in Paris still conducts services and Mass every day.

When it comes to religion, it is a place for Christians and Roman Catholic worship, where people from all walks of life can come together in prayer, and it has open doors for anyone that wants to join in with a Mass or one of the other services that are conducted each day of the year.
Mass and Services

The services and the Mass are open to anyone and are conducted either in the nave or in the choir for the 8am Mass and the 9am Mass during the weekdays and you would need to be seated a few minutes before the service starts.  However, the Sunday services are all held at the main alter, and you will need to seated at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to the start of these or any holiday services.

Also, in accordance with the old practice of the Biblical calendar, the celebration of Sundays and solemnities always begins with the evening prior and every service at the Notre Dame de Paris is also conducted in French.  But there is an International Mass conducted on a Sunday at 11.30am at the main alter, which has part of the readings and prayers in English, although there is no full service that is conducted purely in English.

So, from a Monday morning through to Saturday lunch time, the services are as follows..

8am - Mass conducted in the Choir
9am - Mass conducted in the Choir - except from the start of July through to the middles of September, when there is not service at this time
12 noon - Mass conducted at the Main Alter
5.45pm - Vespers Service, which is actually broadcast live on the KTO Catholic Television Channel
6.15pm - Mass conducted at the Main Alter

As mentioned above, the Sunday services start the evening before and therefore the later Saturday services are as follows..

5.45pm - the first Sunday Vespers Service
6.30pm - Sunday Mass conducted at the Main Alter

On a Sunday all of the services are held at the Main Altar of the Notre Dame Cathedral and are as follows:

8.30am - Mass
9.30am - Lauds service
10am - Gregorian Mass of the cathedral chapter
11.30am - International Mass with part of the readings and prayers in English
12.45pm - Mass
5.45pm - Vespers Service
6.30pm - Mass, which is usually conducted by the archbishop and is broadcast live on KTO Catholic TV and via the Notre Dame Radio.

In addition to these, after Mass on a Thursday at 6.15pm, the Eucharistic Adoration is conducted that runs through to 7.15pm, however, we would like to point out that this does not take place during July, August and the first half of September.

There is also a ceremony style service called the Veneration of the Crown of Thorns and the Relics, which is conducted at the Notre Dame de Paris every first Friday of the month and every Friday throughout Lent at 3pm.  Plus this veneration is conducted all day long on Good Friday at Easter.

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