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French National Holidays In France
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And the garden itself is designed like a typical French garden based on the layouts that Andre Le Notre had designed in the 17th century for places such as the Vaux-le-Vicomte castle and then for the Chateau Versailles castle just outside of Paris.

Discovering the Square Emile Chautemps

The architect Jean-Antione Gabriel Davioud, who designed the Theatre de Chatelet and the Theatre de la Ville along with the Fountains of the Champs Elysees Gardens, was also chosen to design the two monuments in Paris that are located within the Square Emile Chautemps.

These bronze sculptures, the first of which was produced by Augustus Ottin depicts Mercury and Music and is located at the southern oval pond, whereas the other bronze sculpture depicting Agriculture and Industry was produced by Charles Gumery and this is located at the northern oval pond.

You will also be able to discover a Jura granite column in the centre, which a monument dedicated to the victories of Alma and Inkerman in 1854 along with Chernaya and Sevastopol in 1855 that Napoleon III had during the Crimean war and are inscribed into the base of the column.

However, more recently, the Square des Arts-et-Metiers was renamed the Square Emile Chautemps after the French Politian, and even more recently in 1987, a bust of Marc-Francois Seguin, who was a French engineer that invented the suspension bridge, was produced by Costa Spourdos and erected within this square in Paris.

Today you will also find that there is a childrens playground, a sandpit and an area for playing French boules, and the whole square and garden area is surrounded by a balustrade.  In the grounds there are straight paths and lots of chestnut trees and a lovely green area ideal for relaxing with a picnic while you are on holiday in Paris.

Access to the Square Emile Chautemps

You will find this tourist attraction in Paris in the 3rd Arrondiessment close to the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers and the Gaite Lyrique Theatre, also this square, park and garden in Paris is open daily with free access from approximately 8am to 7.30pm.

You will find that the entrance is next to the Boulevard de Sebastopol, and the nearest Metro station is the Reaumur - Sebastopol stop on lines 3 or 4.

Address Details

98 Bis Boulevard de Sebastopol
Ile de France

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Square Emile Chautemps in Paris

This is one of the many squares in Paris with different monuments, a playground for children, area for French bowles and located close to the Gaite Lyrique theatre in Paris, it was designed back in the 1860s during the major works of baron Haussmann.

A bit of history..

During the reign of Napoleon III and the major construction developments and improvements put in place by Baron Haussmann, the decision was made to construct a new square in Paris adjacent to the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers.

Plans were put in place for the square in the August of 1858, and named the Square des Arts-et-Metiers, the garden layout even led to the destruction of some old houses and the construction of a new road called the Boulevard de Sebastopol.
Square Emile Chautemps
Square Emile Chautemps Fountain
Square Emile Chautemps Column