HD photos of the Institut de France in Paris

You will find the Institut de France sits on the opposite side of the River Seine facing the Louvre museum with the Pont des Arts pedestrian bridge stretching between the two, and as you will see from these high definition photos its golden edged dome roof can be seen from many different places as you walk around this area of Paris.

High definition photo of Institut de France

Institut de France
Cardinal Mazarin bequeathed a substantial amount of money for the construction of a college, and it was one of the estate executors Jean Baptist Colbert that chose the architect Louis Le Vau, who worked on The Louvre and Chateau Versailles, to design the building and the design was for two square pavilions flanking the chapel and its cupola, all gathered in a wide curve, which is what you can see in this photo we took of the Institut de France from one side of this historical monument.

Picture showing the Institut de France central entrance with its clock and dome roof

Institut de France central dome roof
This is a HD photo we took showing a part of the main facade of the Institut de France with its columns, ornate architecture and clock in the pediment, along with the dome or cupola looming up behind, and the construction of this magnificent building was started in 1662 and continued right up until the architect Louis Le Vau died in 1670, but the work was taken over by Francois d'Orbay for its completion.

Photo of entrance to Institut de France

Entrance to Institut de France
This close up photo shows one of the entrances to the Institut de France, that is home to five different academies, along with an historical library and a chapel, which was actually meant to be the burial place of Cardinal Jules Mazarin who bequeathed the money for this building to be constructed, and an annuity to pay for student scholarships, although, it turns out that the chapel is only his mausoleum, according to the official website.

This photo shows the Institut de France with part of the Pont des Arts or Bridge of Love

Institut de France and Pont des Arts
While walking on the Pont des Arts Bridge of Love, we took this HD photo of the elegant building formerly known as the College des Quatre-Nations, and Cardinal Mazarin also bequeathed his library, the Bibliotheque Mazarine to the college, which he had already made available to scholars since 1643, and even though the building has been known as the Institute de France since 1795, the beautiful library of the Bibliotheque Mazarine is still open to the public today, and is well worth a visit if you have the time.

Photo of Institut de France western side on Quai Conti

Institut de France western
Situated on the left bank of the River Seine at the Quai Conti in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris, and on the opposite side to The Louvre, you will find the elegant building called the Institut de France with its impressive dome roof that you can see in this photo we took, and this dates back to the 1600s when it was founded as a college.

This picture was taken looking over the Pont des Arts with the Institut de France at the other end

Institut de France viewed from Quai Francois Mitterrand
The Pont des Arts is also now known as the Bridge of Love and has become a very popular tourist attraction in Paris that goes over the River Seine from The Louvre Museum, which is the side we were standing when we took this photo of the Institut de France and its impressive dome on the opposite bank, and today this building consists of five different academies, with the most famous being the Academie Francaise.

View of Institut de France central facade and its cupola

Institut de France facade and cupola
This historical monument in Paris was originally known as the College des Quatre-Nations and it was founded by Cardinal Jules Mazarin, who succeeded Cardinal Richelieu as the Chief Minister for King Louis XIII and then King Louis XIV with his regent Anne of Austria, and as well as the money bequest for the college, which you can see in this photograph that is now known as the Institut de France, he also bequeathed the Bibliotheque Mazarin, and this library is still contained within the building.

Picture of Institut de France with the River Seine

Institut de France with the River Seine
In this image you can see the fabulous facade of The Institut de France with its curved shape and the fabulous dome, and as with many other historical monuments in Paris, they take part in National Heritage days, plus they also manage many prestigious places, foundations, museums etc such as the Chateau Chantilly, the Musee Jacquemart Andre and the Bibliotheque Paul Marmottan in Paris, along with many more throughout France.

This photo shows the Pont Neuf with the Institut de France then the Eiffel Tower in the distance

Pont Neuf with Institut de France
Here you can see another photo we took from the bank of the River Seine that shows some of the many different landmarks in Paris, and the first is the Pont Neuf bridge, yet in the skyline of this image you can see the Eiffel Tower and also the dome of the historical monument that is now called the Institut de France, however, this particular building was once called the College des Quatre-Nations when it first opened to students back in 1688 until it changed its name in 1795 to what we now know it as today.

HD picture of the cupola on top of the Institut de France

Cupola on Institut de France
Louis Le Vau was the original architect commissioned by Jean Baptist Colbert to design the Institut de France, however, when he died in 1670, Francois d'Orbay succeeded him, and it was Francois that designed the dome roof, or cupola, that you can see in this photo, which is actually 44 meters high and although it is circular on the outside, it is in fact an ellipse shape on the inside.

Institut de France is also known as Palais de l'Institut

Palais de l'Institut on Quai de Conti
The Institut de France is also referred to as the Palais de l'Institut, as you can see from the photo we took of the sign post, so do keep this in mind when making your way towards this historical building, but you will find this building on the left bank of the River Seine along Quai de Conti opposite the famous Palais du Louvre.

Picture of Institut de France and the River Seine

Institut de France and the River Seine
Here you can see a wide angle high definition photo of some of the major tourist attractions in Paris that you can find in very close proximity to the Institut de France, which is the dome roof you can see to the right of the picture, then you have the Pont des Arts crossing the River Seine heading towards the Musee du louvre, also in the distance you can see the twin bell towers of Notre Dame Cathedral on the Ile de la Cite Island, so you will not have to go out of your way to visit the historical building in Paris.