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HD Photos of the Ecole Militaire in Paris France page 1

These high definition photos show the historical building called Ecole Militaire, which is located at the bottom of the Champ de Mars gardens just behind the Wall for Peace not far from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and this particular building was first founded back in the mid 1700s as a military academy for young gentlemen.

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View of the Ecole Militaire looking from the Champ de Mars gardens

Ecole Militaire And The Champ De Mars

It was the architect Jacques-Ange Gabriel who was commissioned to design the Ecole Militaire and although the area in front of the building you can see in this picture, which is called the Champ de Mars, was originally vegetable gardens, it became the military drill ground for the academy, and therefore the front facade that you can see was orientated to this land and although the first pupils arrived in 1756, this first part of the construction was not fully completed until 1773.

Photo of the equestrian statue of Joseph Joffre that sits in front of the Ecole Militaire

Joseph Joffre Statue At Ecole Militaire

Here you can see a photo showing the central part of the front facade of the Ecole Militaire with its porch that has eight Corinthian columns, which supports a pediment and an entablature that holds four statues representing Victory, Peace, France and Power, plus it supports the pavilion dome with its original clock, and in front you can see an equestrian statue of Joseph Joffre who was a Marshal and French General during World War I.

Picture looking along the front of the Ecole Militaire

Front Facade Of The Ecole Militaire

This is a photo of the Ecole Militaire in Paris that we took looking along its front facade toward the centre of this large building, which is a military school founded by King Louis XV and where Napoleon Bonaparte I once studied, and he actually left the military school after only one year as a Second Lieutenant instead of the normal two years of training.

Photograph of the Ecole Militaire with the Eiffel Tower

Ecole Militaire With The Eiffel Tower

We took this HD photo of the Ecole Militaire from the back with its well kept garden and the Eiffel Tower looming up behind, and this military academy was created in 1751 upon the orders of King Louis XV for young gentleman without much means to be trained in the French army, yet it was the Marquis de Pompadour and the financier Duverney who initially instigated the idea a year earlier.

HD photo of the Pavilion Dome roof with its original clock at the Ecole Militaire

Pavilion Dome At The Ecole Militaire

This is a close up photo we took of the Pavilion Dome on the Ecole Militaire that is home to an original clock, which was produced by the French clockmaker Jean-Andre Lepaute back in the 1700s, and incredibly, this masterpiece is still running and keeping time today, and can be seen from the side of the Champ de Mars park in Paris.

Photograph of Ecole Militaire with the Tour Montparnasse Tower behind

Ecole Militaire And The Tour Montparnasse

Even though the Champ de Mars was originally a military drill ground and training area for the Ecole Militaire, which is the impressive building you can see in this photo with the French flag flying proudly, today, this area has been transformed into a beautiful park in between the School of War, as it is now known, and the Eiffel Tower, and in this image you can also see the only sky scraper in Paris called the Tour Montparnasse Tower that boasts the highest restaurant in Europe.

Photo showing the Cavalerie Pavillon at the Ecole Militaire

Ecole Militaire Cavalerie Pavillon

This is a photo we took of one of the pavilions on the Ecole Militaire, which was a military training academy that is now known as the Ecole de Guerre or School of War, and the Cavalry wing that you can see in this image along with the Artillery pavilion were added during the Second Empire under the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte III.

Side view of Ecole Militaire main pavillon

Ecole Militaire Main Pavillon

After having visited the Champ de Mars and the wall For Peace Monument, we walked out of the park to get an entirely different view of the Ecole Militaire, which is the French military academy that was founded in the 1700s and is still a military school today, and this is a view showing the main pavilion along with one of the side wings, which was designed by the French architect Alexandre-Theodore Brogniart who took over from Jacques-Ange Gabriel after he died.

View of Ecole Militaire from Place de Fontenoy

Ecole Militaire Building

This is a high definition photo of the Ecole Militaire that we took while we were at the Place de Fontenoy, which shows the Corinthian columns going up to the pediment and the pavilion dome with its original Lepaute clock, plus the double colonnades on either side, along with the railings, which if you look carefully you may be able to spot the gilding on the top of these, that determines the perimeter of the building now known as the Ecole de Guerre or School of War.

Photo of Ecole Militaire and its gated entrance to the Cour d'Honneur in front of the central pavilion

Ecole Militaire Cour d'Honneur

Here you can see a part of the Ecole Militaire, with an entrance that leads to the Cour d'Honneur, and with its pavilion dome roof, it is identical to the main section on the opposite side of this 18th century building that was originally constructed as a military school for young gentleman from poor families, and as you can tell from this image, it is situated very close to the Eiffel Tower, only having the Champ de Mars park in between the two.

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