Happy Nouilles Chinese Restaurant in Paris

Translated to Happy Noodles, this is a Chinese restaurant in Paris with a speciality of handmade noodles that are made to order and it is also very popular for the variety of soups at a reasonable cost.

About Happy Nouilles Chinese Restaurant

The Happy Noodles is a unique restaurant in Paris with the concept of living noodles, which means that the noodles are made on demand, with the dough initially being prepared, then rolled, hand thrown, and you name it, before being cut and made ready to cook.
Happy Nouilles Chinese Restaurant
Combining fresh produce and Chinese flavours, the Happy Nouilles produces authentic cuisine in a friendly atmosphere with speedy service in this small restaurant, that also has a couple of tables outside during the warmer months.

But even if you are not overly struck on the idea of noodles, or Nouilles in French with the term Lamen printed on the menu, which means fresh handmade noodles, then there are other choices such as rice and a rice pasta available.

Cuisine at the Happy Nouilles Restaurant

Now as we have already mentioned, you will be able to enjoy authentic Chinese cooking and traditional dishes, with appetisers or starters such as spring rolls, fried shrimp ravioli or beef with garlic, ranging in cost from around €3 to €8 as of 2014.
The soups are a hearty dish, which are especially delightful on a cold or rainy day, and there are many different varieties to choose from that range in cost from around €5 up to €8.  These all come with the Lamens homemade noodles and a pork broth and are combined with delights such as fillet of lamb, sliced beef, shrimp ravioli, duck, fish balls, spicy beef, pork dumplings, salted cabbage, etc.

However, there are plenty of other dishes to choose from at the Happy Nouilles restaurant in Paris such as Sweet potato vermicelli fried with chicken, Chicken curry, Pork ribs with a sweet and sour sauce, Beef with black mushrooms, Crab with salt and pepper, Shrimps with a spicy sauce, Sauteed vegetables and noodles, Fried scallops, etc.

So whether you want something lightly spiced, or very spicy like the lamb with cumin, there are different options available, along with different dishes to cater for all budgets, as these range in cost from around €7.50 up to €20 as of 2014.
Happy Nouilles cuisine
Happy Nouilles noodles

Visiting Happy Nouilles restaurant in Paris

You will find the Happy Nouilles located in the 3rd Arrondissement close to many different tourist attractions in Paris including the Musee des Arts et Metiers and the nearest Metro station is the Arts et Metiers stop via lines 3 and 11.

Now this Chinese restaurant is open for lunch as well as dinner, and we know that they open on a Monday to Friday for lunch, but unfortunately we have not had clarification as to the other times or days that they are open.

Also, we would like to point out that although this is a busy and popular place, reservations are not taken, and the menu is only available in French and Mandarin, yet if you can get around these issues, the Happy Nouilles is worth a visit.