Tourist information on Corsica Island region in France

The island of Corsica is very diverse with a rich culture, many traditional festivals and fairs along with numerous historical monuments plus there are mountains, lakes, rivers and gorges, sandy beaches, forests and the Mediterranean Sea, so outdoor activities and numerous different sports are available, which makes this an ideal place for a family camping holiday in France.

Information, tourist attractions and places to visite on the island of Corsica and the Activities Available

Now, although Corsica is classified as one of the regions in France, it is located in the Mediterranean Sea around 170km from the French coast, but is only 80km from Italy and it is the Straights of Bonifacio that separate the island of Corsica from the island of Sardinia, which belongs to Italy.
Corsica Island
There is actually around 1,000km of protected coastline around the Corsica island that makes it an idyllic place for snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing etc and you will be a able to discover numerous coves, reefs and coral.  Plus there are inlets, marinas and fishing ports and of course there are some fabulous sandy beaches for those of you that just wish to relax or go for a dip in the crystal clear waters.  In fact, there are some French campsites on Corsica that are not only on the coast, but some that also have direct access to the beach.

But other activities around the Corsica coastline include jet skiing, boating, sea fishing, scuba diving, surfing, wind surfing and kite surfing.  But inland there are numerous rivers that are ideal for fishing, canoeing, kayaking and white water rafting along with lakes and springs for the relaxing and peaceful dips, not forgetting the gorges and waterfalls for an unforgettable experience.

However, if you prefer land to water, then do not fear, as there are over 1,500km of footpaths for rambling, hiking and coastal walks and for the experienced hikers there is the GR20 long distance hiking path.  Yet for those of you a little fitter or more adventurous, there are also 50 different mountain peaks of over 2,000m high where you can do some mountaineering and climbing.  You can also experience different via Ferratas, rock climbing, canyoning and abseiling.
Also, horse riding and pony trekking are very popular activities on Corsica, whether you choose to go riding along the sandy shores or through the pine forests, but for those of you that are golfing enthusiasts, then you will also not be disappointed, as this is also a very popular activity and there are a number of different golf courses, yet the most famous on Corsica is Sperone near Bonifacio, which is considered the fifth hardest golf course in France.

Yet if you want to see Corsica in an unusual way, then you could go paragliding, hang-gliding or even parachuting for those that are a little more brave, plus you can even opt to go for a helicopter ride or a tour in a light aircraft to see the mountains, forts and other historical landmarks that make up just parts of this spectacular and diverse island in the Mediterranean sea.
Corsica beach
Corsica pleasure boats
And even though you will probably be thinking by now that it is not a place to visit in winter, you would be quite wrong as there are ski slopes in the mountain areas and this is a great place for a skiing holiday in France with a difference.  Or even if you cannot ski but wish to experience the spectacular scenery or go on one of the snow shoe hikes and guided tours that are available at this time of year, then you will see this unique island in a completely different light.

Some major events that take place on Corsica.

Now lets start with some of the events that take place in Corsica every year that have become so popular, not just with locals, but people do travel from all over the world to either experience or participate in some of these events.

To start with, when you consider the maritime history of Corsica, there has got to be water sports competitions..  And yes, to start with, on the East coast of the island you have the jet ski championships that are held annually, along with the world offshore speedboat championships in Solarenza Bay.
Corsica cliff village
Yet you may also wish to experience the Les Regattes Imperiales Mediterranean Yacht Race at Ajaccio that attracts over 300 sailors to the sea each year, just for this one race.  In addition to this, there is the annual fishing festival called Saint Erasmus, where people celebrate the patron saint of the fishermen and they hold banquets and street festivals.

At Zonza you have the highest horse racecourse in Europe that has an international reputation and every summer there are crowds of people from all over the world that flock to see the flat races and harness racing.

Rally driving is also a very popular sport on the island and with the steep mountain roads that are incorporated within some of the stages of certain races, which brings together some of the worlds very best rally drivers that want to test their skills to their limits.  However the Tour de Course is the most famous event held every year in Corsica and has become one of the popular rally driving races for people to experience from all over the world.
Corsica snorkeling
Corsica Saint-Nicolas
As well as the major sporting events, festivals are also an important part of the way of life and culture on the island of Corsica and there are so many to experience.  So if you have certain likes and dislikes, then you can always plan your family camping holiday in Corsica around one of these.

During Easter the religious ceremonies are very important to the Corsican people and throughout the whole region you can experience different processions, but the most famous and most elaborate of these is held in Sartene.

There are also several music events and festivals held in Corsica and if you like Jazz, then this is the place to be at the start of the summer season, especially around the city of Ajacccio.  In July there is a Blues and Rock festival, yet at the start of Autumn the oldest music festival of Corsica occurs at Bastia.
Corsica mountains

Some places to visit and tourist attractions in Corsica

History plays a very important role for many and with the amount of different battles, invasions over the centuries, this island has some fantastic historical monuments you can admire and visit.

To start with, the island is dotted with Genoese Towers and numerous fortifications and many of these have been restored, so that they are now open to the public like the Tour de Capitello or the old fortifications at Port-Vecchio.

There are also prehistoric remains dotted all over Corsica and if you go to Filitosa you can admire the menhirs, plus there is a major archaeological site at Capula and then you also have Greek ramparts, and a Roman villa that you can visit.
Corsica windsurfing
Now, did you know that Napoleon I was born in Corsica?  Well, today you can visit the cathedral in Ajaccio where he was baptised, along with numerous different churches, plus there are also some fabulous French museums such as the Palais Fesch in Ajaccio that is home to the largest collection of Italian paintings in France after the Louvre museum in Paris and the place where Napoleon was born.

There are also many craft demonstrations, workshops and places that you can discover some of the islands traditional craft works like the jewellery that is made out of the lovely red coral, basket weavers, traditional pottery or the production of knives with their sheaths.

And without continuing any further, as it would end up being a novel, there is so much to see, do and discover, that even if you are planning your holiday in France on the island of Corsica thoroughly, you will probably still run out of time and want to come back for another camping holiday at a later date.
Corsica Brando
Corsica coastline
But the good news is that you will find many different types of French campsites in Corsica that are suitable for all types of camping, like staying at one of the campsites with beach nearby, or a campsite with water sports, but as we were saying earlier on about visiting during the winter months, then you will need one of the French campsites open all year.

So whatever type of accommodation you decide on, we are sure that your family holiday in Corsica will be full of fun and excitement with new adventures to experience around every corner.