Jardin Pierre Joseph Redoute in Paris

Renovated and improved in 2007 this garden was named after the famous artist and botanist Pierre Joseph Redoute and has a childrens playground along with a table tennis table, plus numerous different species of trees and hedges for a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

About Jardin Pierre Joseph Redoute

The Jardin Pierre Joseph Redoute was first laid out in the 1980s, and was named after the botanist and famous Belgian painter Pierre Joseph Redoute who was the official court artist for Marie Antoinette, yet is most well known for his impressive watercolours and sketches of flowers, especially roses and lilies.
Jardin Pierre Joseph Redoute park benches
Chateau de Malmaison was the residence of Empress Josephine, and the last residence of Napoleon I before his exile, and located on the outskirts of Paris, it was Josephine that renovated the chateau and endeavoured to make the garden one of the best in Europe with numerous different species of plants from around the world including well over 200 different varieties of roses.

And it was here at the Chateau de Malmaison that Pierre Joseph Redoute was commissioned to paint the numerous different species of flowers within the garden.  And ending up with the nickname of the Raphael of Flowers, he produced over 2000 published plates depicting over 1800 different species, many of which had never been painted before, which is why the Jardin Pierre Joseph Redoute was named after this incredible artist.

Now this garden in Paris was renovated in 2007 to make it a more refined and eco-friendly environment where rainwater is collected to maintain the garden, but a large play structure for children was also added to the centre of the Jardin Pierre Joseph Redoute along with a ping pong table, or table tennis table.
But you will also be able to discover hawthorn, seabuckthorn, hornbeam hedges and Virginia creepers covering a wall of the garden, along with a silk tree, Constantinople acacias, Siberian elms, plus mulberry, willow and silver birch trees that provide shade from the summer sun.

So the Jardin Pierre Joseph Redoute, which covers an area of approximately 1250 metres squared, is a little haven of peace and tranquillity, with the silence being broken by the sounds of laughter from children playing happily.

Visiting Jardin Pierre Joseph Redoute

You will find this small garden located in the 11th Arrondissement and it is normally open from around 9am, although closing times vary depending upon the time of year, which can be as early as 5.30pm or as late as 8.30pm during the summer months.
Jardin Pierre Joseph Redoute playground
Jardin Pierre Joseph Redout table tennis
But we would like to point out that unfortunately some areas are not accessible to the disabled, such as the childrens playground where there are steps up to this, yet there is a water point for filling up water bottles with fresh drinking water.

And when it comes to getting to the Jardin Pierre Joseph Redoute via public transport in Paris, you will find that the nearest Metro station is the Charonne stop serving line 9, plus there is a Velib station for the self service bike rental scheme located nearby.