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While visiting the Pont du Carrousel we took these high definition photos showing one of the four statues located on this bridge in Paris, and this one called La Seine can be found by the Port des Saints Peres.

Paris Statues

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La Seine statue by L Petitot on Pont du Carrousel
In this first image of the statue called La Seine, as you can tell from the photo, it is located on the left bank and to the left hand side of the Pont du Carrousel, which is downstream of the River Seine, with the next bridge along you can just see being the Pont Royal.
Close up of La Seine statue by Petitot
There are actually four different statues on the Pont du Carrousel, and each one is known as an allegory with a specific meaning, and this particular statue was designed to represent the River Seine, whereas the one on the opposite corner of the same bank represents the City of Paris.
La Seine statue and base on Pont du Carrousel
The four statues were designed by the French sculptor Louis Petitot, who was born in the June of 1794 in Paris and passed away in the same city, and these allegory stone statues representing Industry, Abundance, The City of Paris and the River Seine were first put in place on the original Pont du Carrousel back in 1847.
Pont du Carrousel statue called La Seine
Here you can see a close up photo of the La Seine statue, and as you can tell, this woman is sitting holding a paddle, and it was created in the 1840s, originally to be presented on top of a toll booth on the bridge.
Front of La Seine statue on Pont du Carrousel
And in this photo of La Seine by Louis Petitot, you can see a part of the fabulous Musee du Louvre behind, yet these allegorical statues did not originally have the same enormous bases and pedestals when they were first sculpted, and the statues were removed in 1906 when work was undertaken on the Pont du Carrousel, and were only put back in place in 1908 with the new pedestals.
Back of La Seine statue on Pont du Carrousel
Now this photo shows the back of the allegory statue called La Seine, which is located at the Port des Saints Peres on the corner of the Pont du Carrousel and actually looks over to the Quai Voltaire that you can see in the background, yet it has not always been in this location.
L Petitot statue La Seine on Pont du Carrousel
In fact, a new Pont du Carrousel started to be constructed in 1935 a little further downstream than the original, and eventually when completed in 1939, the four stone statues by Petitot were also moved to coincide with this, which is where they have remained ever since.

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