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We were in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris at the Place du Chatelet, when we took these high definition photos showing the Fontaine du Palmier, which was designed by Francois Jean Bralle, and the statue called Victoire was sculpted by Louis Simon Boizot.

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Victoire Statue By French Sculptor Louis Simon Boizot
This first HD photo shows a mythical winged female figure holding laurel wreaths in each hand, which was designed as an allegory called Statue de la Victoire or just Victoire, that in English translates to Victory, and this was originally produced in bronze then gilded and put in position on top of a column in 1808, as a major feature of the fountain that was commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte.
Bronze Victoire statue on Fontaine du Palmier
The column itself at approximately 18 metres in height was designed by the architect Francois Jean Bralle and was based upon a Roman Triumphal Column to represent different victories of Napoleon, yet it was also to be a drinking water fountain with additional ornate elements including the Victoire statue, which was sculpted by Louis Simon Boizot.
Fontaine du Palmier with its golden Victoire statue
Now Louis Simon Boizot, who was born in 1743, studied at the Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture and produced numerous busts along with many articles for Sevres the porcelain manufacturer, plus received numerous public commissions throughout his career.

And not only did he produce the Victory statue on the top of the Fontaine du Plamier, but also the four statues surrounding it at the base of the column representing the cardinal virtues of Prudence, Vigilance, Justice and Strength, some of which you can see in this photograph, although some at the base were added a few decades later.
Golden bronze Victoire statue at Place du Chatelet
However, the Statue de la Victoire on the top of the Fontaine du Palmier, which in English translates to the Palm Fountain, is not actually the original sculpted by Louis Simon Boizot, as this is a copy and the original is now at the Musee Carnavalet in Paris.

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