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Photo of the golden Eglise Dome roof at Les Invalides

The Eglise Dome At Les Invalides

We took this close up HD photo of the top of the Eglise du Dome with all its gilding, which is the royal chapel at the Hotel des Invalides that was designed by Jules Hardouin Mansart, yet it wasn't until we were looking at the image, that we realised there were statues in gold leaf positioned right by the top and spire, making this a fabulous monument in Paris to discover along with the Tomb of Napoleon that rests here.

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  -  Visiting Hotel Les Invalides

Panoramic picture showing the front of Hotel Les Invalides

Picture Showing The Front Of Hotel Les Invalides

This is a panoramic photo of the Hotel National des Invalides, which was the very first institution constructed upon the orders of King Louis XIV in 1670 to house wounded soldiers or those that were too old to continue fighting for France, and the large complex of Les Invalides is a popular tourist attraction that is now home to military museums and houses one of the worlds finest collections of military exhibits.

More details on Hotel Les Invalides

  -  The Tomb Of Napoleon Bonaparte I

Photo showing one of the many cannons on the front wall at Les Invalides

Cannon On The Front Wall At Les Invalides

Here you can see the main entrance to the Hotel National des Invalides, with the immaculately maintained gardens and the shaped trees, and at the edge before you enter right by the old moat, there are several cannons on display, and this HD photo shows just one of these, yet you may also have noticed that the French flag is flying at half mast, as there was a funeral taking place on the day we were visiting Les Invalides.

More details on Les Invalides

  -  History Of Hotel Les Invalides

HD Picture of the Eglise du Dome with its golden dome roof at the back of Hotel Les Invalides

The Eglise Du Dome At Hotel Les Invalides

In this HD image you can see the rear courtyard looking towards the royal chapel known as the Eglise du Dome with its beautiful gilded dome roof, which is probably the most recognisable part of this historical monument called the Hotel National des Invalides, that is also where the Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte is located.

More details on Les Invalides

  -  Musee de l'armee at Les Invalides

Photo showing the arched pediment over the front entance doors at Les Invalides

Arched Pediment At Les Invalides

This is a close up high definition photo of the arched pediment above the front entrance on the northern side of Les Invalides, which was designed by Liberal Bruant with its sculptures and the Latin inscription stating Louis the Great along with the Roman numerals MDCLXXV, or the year 1675, although the first war veterans were housed here as early as 1674.

HD Photograph of the Cour d'Honneur central courtyard at Hotel National des Invalides

Cour d'Honneur Courtyard At Hotel National des Invalides

We took this photo from the second floor balcony looking at one part of the Cour d'Honneur at the Hotel National des Invalides with the many cannons on display, which was used as a military parade ground for ceremonies, yet you can also see a part of the chapel with its impressive dome, which is where you will now find the Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte, but just below the clock there is a statue of Napoleon I.

Close up HD photo showing one of the French army cannons on display at Les Invalides

French Army Cannon At Les Invalides

As you enter Les Invalides at the northern entrance, but prior to reaching the main inner courtyard, you will find some artillery from the French army or cannons that had been captured in battles, and this is a photo we took of one of the many cannons on wheels which was used in battle, and dating from the 1700s, it has been very well preserved for people to still admire today.

Picture of private room at Hotel National des Invalides

Private Room At Hotel National des Invalides

As we were walking around Les Invalides we were lucky enough to take this photo of one of the private rooms that was being laid out for a function, and as you can tell, there is a beautiful fireplace, fabulous paintings and a lovely decoration of a shield surrounded by different swords and an armour mask, not forgetting the fabulous decor and the chandeliers that also adorn this room within this historical monument.

Portrait photo of Napoleon Bonaparte I on display board at Les Invalides

Potrait Of Napoleon Bonaparte I

No matter how little history you know, we are sure that you will have heard the name Napoleon I or Napoleon Bonaparte, and being a military commander plus being the Emperor of France, he was captured by the English and died in captivity, but was eventually brought back to Paris and laid to rest within the Eglise du Dome, and today you can discover the Tomb of Napoleon at Les Invalides along with numerous items.

Photograph of old army tank on display at Hotel National des Invalides

Old Army Tank At Hotel National Des Invalides

Even though there are many military exhibits at the Hotel National des Invalides that date back hundreds of years, there are also some more modern items of artillery and machinery that have been used in battles, just like the tank that you can see in this photo we took while walking around this impressive building in Paris

Photo showing the Royal Chapel de Saint Louis des Invalides with its dome roof

The Royal Chapel De Saint Louis Des Invalides

Here you can see a HD photo we took from the square opposite Les Invalides showing the Chapel de Saint Louis des Invalides, but because it was also a royal chapel with a dome roof that was designed by Jules Hardouin Mansart, it is also known as the Eglise du Dome, yet we were also standing quite close to the statue of Marie Emile Fayolle, who was the Marechal de France or Marshal of France from 1852 to 1928.

Statue of Jules Hardouin Mansart at Les Invalides who was the architect of the Eglise du Dome

Statue Of Jules Hardouin Mansart

This is a photo we took showing part of the well kept grounds of Les Invalides along with a statue of Jules Hardouin Mansart who was the architect that designed the Eglise du Dome after he had taken over from Liberal Bruant when he died, yet as you can also see in this image, even the most famous landmark in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, is visible in the background.

Photo of the Court of Honour and the Eglise du Dome at Les Invalides

The Court Of Honour And Eglise Du Dome

This is a photo we took of a part of the Cour d'Honneur towards the impressive Eglise du Dome, that was constructed by the architect Jules Hardouin Mansart, yet if you look carefully in the centre on the second floor you will see a statue of Napoleon Bonaparte I, which has become one of the popular tourist attractions in Paris, especially for those that are interested in military history.

Les Invalides front gardens and main entrance

Les Invalides Front Gardens And Main Entrance

Here you can see a part of the Hotel des Invalides, which we took from the very front before we entered the grounds, and being designed as a military institution, this is now home to one of the largest collections of arms and military exhibits in the world, and this image shows just one of the many cannons on display that were either once used by the French army or from those that had been captured in battles.

Photo of south side of Les Invalides with its Royal Church called the Eglise du Dome

South Side Of Les Invalides With Its Royal Church

Les Invalides is a large complex that still serves the same purpose as what it was constructed for in the 1600s, and although the main entrance is on the north side this photo shows part of the south side of the Hotel des Invalides with the Eglise du Dome looming up and shimmering with sun hitting its gilding, which is where you will find the Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte I and numerous exhibits.

Photo of Les Invalides Cour d'Honneur with its numerous cannons on display

Les Invalides Cour d'Honneur With Its Cannons

As you can tell from this photo of Les Invalides that we took in the Court of Honour, there are numerous different types cannons on display and each one has a story to tell, and one of the great things about visiting this tourist attraction, is the fact that even though this display is part of the impressive Musee de l'Armee, it is free to wander around without paying

Photo showing the architecture and ornate details with its gold gilding on the top of the Eglise du Dome

Architecture And Details On The Eglise Du Dome

It was King Louis XIV who gave the orders to construct a large complex to house war veterans and the French soldiers that had been injured in battle, hence the name of Hotel des Invalides, and it also included a hospital that is still in operation today, yet within only a few years, it was decided that a chapel should also be constructed which was started in 1677 but was not completed until 1706.

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  -  Napoleon I and the Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte
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HD photos of Hotel National des Invalides in Paris France

One very popular tourist attraction in Paris to visit is Hotel les Invalides, and its popularity is partly due to the fact that it is home to the Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte I, but les Invalides also houses three different museums that are open to the public, plus you will find that this building is easily recognisable by its golden dome roof of the Eglise du Dome, as you can see from these high definition photos we took.

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