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HD photographs of la Conciergerie in Paris page 1

One popular tourist attraction we managed to see when walking along the River Seine was La Conciergerie, which can be found on the Ile de la Cite Island that is in the middle of the river and as you can see from these photos it is rather large and impressive building that once held Marie Antoinette captive prior to facing her fate at the guillotine.

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Photo of la Conciergerie on the Ile de la Cite Island

La Conciergerie On The Ile De La Cite

La Conciergerie is the medieval building that you can see in this image we took from across the River Seine, and located on the Ile de la Cite island, it got its current name when the seat of parliament was installed into the royal palace and a person appointed by the king called a Concierge was put in place to oversee the running and legal matters, which was back in the 14th century plus it also became a prison in 1391 after the royals had moved to The Louvre.

Photo of la Conciergerie with Palais de Justice

La Conciergerie And Palais De Justice

Going for a cruise on the River Seine will provide you with unique views of some of the famous monuments in Paris, just like this photo we took that shows the Palais de Justice and La Conciergierie former palace turned prison, which became far more well known after the French Revolution where over 3,000 people were held here prior to being sent to their deaths via the guillotine at different locations around the city, and now, with parts open to the public including reconstructed prison cells, it has become a popular tourist attraction on the Ile de la Cite island.

Close up Picture of la Conciergerie and Palais de Justice roof tops

Palais De Justice And La Conciergerie Roof Tops

Here you can see the top part of La Conciergerie with its towers along with the Palais de Justice, which is also a part of this impressive building, and if you look closely at the photo on one part of the facade with its arched pediment you will see sculptures with a coat of arms in between and stone statues below that, yet to the far left, you can just see the belfry of the famous clock tower of La Conciergerie that has stood the test of time, quite literally, as it has been home to a public clock from the 1300s.

Photo of the ornate public clock on the clock tower of la Conciergerie in Paris

Public Clock On La Conciergerie

A truly elaborate and ornate clock sits on the side of a tower on La Conciergerie, and this is a close up photo we took of this with its gilding, coat of arms, two figurines, etc, and the first public clock was installed on this clock tower in the 1300s, however, the one you can see in this image, which has been fully restored, dates from the 1500s and is located at the aptly named Quai de l'Horloge, yet the clock cannot be seen if you are facing La Conciergerie facade from the River Seine.

This photo shows the River Seine as it passes by la Conciergerie

River Seine Passing By La Conciergerie

This is a photo we took looking down the River Seine, and to the right of the image along the bank on the Ile de la Cite island you will see the impressive building called La Conciergerie with its fabulous facade that was constructed during the reign of King Philippe IV, and you can just make out the three medieval towers that remain, and this has become a popular tourist attraction in Paris, especially due to its rich history from fortress and royal palace through to being the seat of parliament and a prison where Marie Antoinette was once held.

Photograph of the two round towers on la Conciergerie with their cone roof tops

La Conciergerie Round Towers

This is a photo of La Conciergerie that we took showing two of its famous towers, and located on the banks of the River Seine on the Ile de la Cite island, it was the first royal palace in Paris established by the French King Clovis in the 6th century, which was then known as the Palais de la Cite, and this building was extended by different kings through the centuries, but unfortunately only parts of this impressive fortress and palace still remain.

Picture of the front facade of la Conciergerie and Palais de Justice facing the River Seine

La Conciergerie And Palais De Justice Facade

La Conciergerie is also linked with the Saint Chapelle that was constructed within its grounds along with the Palais de Justice, and this impressive building has become a very popular tourist attraction in Paris for numerous reasons including its architecture, but also the fact that the lower parts of the former royal palace were turned into a prison, which is where thousands were detained during the French Revolution, including Queen Marie Antoinette prior to her execution, and today you can discover reconstructed cells, and even remnants of the Palais de la Cite as it was before it had a change of name.

This photo shows la Conciergerie clock tower and belfry

Clock Tower And Belfry At La Conciergerie

This is a photo of La Conciergerie clock tower with its belfry that holds a bell and as you can tell, it has a weather vane on top, and located to the left of the building as you look at the former palace turned prison from the River Seine, you will also see there is something that looks like it is protruding from the side of the tower, and this is in fact the edge of the ornate and oldest public clock in Paris that dates from around the 1530s.

This picture shows La Conciergerie next to the Pont au Change bridge

La Conciergerie In Paris

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