Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann Circus in Paris

Something that is ideal for all the family when you are thinking of a holiday in Paris is to visit a circus, where fun and laughter are the order of day, and with its rich traditions, these acts are enjoyed by young and old from all over the world.

A bit of history

The journey of the Cirque diana Moreno Bormann all started over 70 years ago in the South West of France and then continued in Africa, and then went to the island of Corsica.  But eventually the circus family ended up in Paris and this is where they have remained since 1982, carrying on the family tradition and also introducing young artists to keep the true circus values alive with passion and a dream they want to continue for generations to come.
Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann Paris

About Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann

Now, the Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann is a traditional family run circus in Paris that has all of the family members involved, right through to the youngest of their children and just by entering the marquee, you will be enchanted.

With an intimate setting of red velvet and shimmering beveled mirrors, brass, crystal chandeliers, gilding and fabulous balconies that are more like you would to get at an Opera in Paris, this permanent circus is a unique setting that gets you excited before the show even starts.

And under this magnificent tent of the Cirque diana Moreno Bormann you will get to see the greatest of traditional circus acts with some daring stunts like the tightrope walkers, trapeze artists and acrobats that will keep everyone enthralled.
But laughter, emotion and the fun portrayed from the clowns and jugglers is just another part of the show, or spectacle as it is called, yet we did say that this was one of the traditional circuses in Paris, and hence there are also animals from dogs to horses and more exotic animals like llamas, tigers, lions, doves and camels.

You will find that all the family are involved from the grandfather who is a clown right through to the grandson along with nieces and nephews who all work together as a large family that enrich each other with their knowledge and passions to continue their circus traditions and dedication to perform to their utmost capabilities for everyone to enjoy, but even the animals are treated like family members.

Access to Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann

Located in the 19 Arrondissement of Paris close to the Geode and the Cite de Sciences, the circus shows are conducted on a Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and they all start at 3pm, plus these run on those set days throughout the whole year, except when there is a National holiday.
Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann dinner show
Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann tent
The cost of a ticket does range in cost quite considerably from €10 at the very back and as of 2012, if you want the stalls at the very front, then these are a cost of €40 per seat, although children under the age of three are free.

Also, if you are lucky enough to be on a family holiday in Paris over the New Year, then you could celebrate New Years Eve and the New Year in with a welcome drink followed by a four course meal, then the show and after that it is dancing to round off the whole evening.

In addition to this, you can arrange your own personal event such as a birthday party, seminar, wedding, etc so that you can have an unusual and unique setting for a memorable celebration.
Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann centre ring
Plus, the Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann also conducts tours and visits of the wings and the animals, along with workshops where you can learn about the makeup, the props, installing and dismantling different equipment, along with how the animals are fed, trained and looked after plus learning basic circus skills.

But obviously these workshops and the visits do need to be reserved well in advance as there are only limited places, and these take place of a morning prior to one of the shows in the afternoon.

So if you want some entirely different type of entertainment in Paris and are not around when the Cirque d’Hiver winter circus is open, then this is a unique venue for a traditional and fun afternoon in the capital city of France.