Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion in Paris

The Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion was designed by Zaha Hadid as a global touring contemporary art exhibition for Chanel, and Chanel then donated this to the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris in 2011, which is where it remains today.

About the Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion

The unique and contemporary design of the mobile art pavilion was commissioned by Chanel in order to showcase the Chanel handbag and the artists who had been inspired by the iconic handbag that produced by them.
Inside the Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion
The design for this mobile touring pavilion was awarded to the Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, who was the winner of the 2004 Pritzker Prize.  And it was the company called ES Global Solutions who were contracted for the manufacture and to install, disassemble and reassemble the mobile art pavilion whilst on the global tour that went to places such as New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and many others.

This sculptural pavilion was designed to have many layers with fluidity, curves and arches with the main area that spreads over 700 metres squared, but with an overall area of 1200 metres squared, which provides exhibition spaces along with a central courtyard designed for other events.

The materials used included 74 tons of steel with over 1700 different steel connections, reinforced plastic and a PVC roof.  With translucent walls and ceilings that provide artificial light along with roof lights for the very important natural light sources, the whole structure with its arches is emphasised by these plays of light.
Yet there are also reflective materials on the exterior that can provide different colours for specific themes, and it is all these elements combined that enhance the whole space for both the exhibitions and the structure itself.

Due to the roots of the designer Zaha Hadid, the Institut du Monde Arabe were interested in acquiring this unique structure from Chanel, so after over two years of the global tour, in the early part of 2011, Chanel decided to donate the pavilion to the  institute and the Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion was installed in the large courtyard of the Arab World Institute in Paris.

The idea is to still utilise this unique building for showcasing contemporary art works that have been produced by artists whose origins are from the Arab Nations, which is why Chanel decided to donate this structure, that has now become another tourist attraction in Paris, still located within the courtyard of the Institut du Monde Arabe in the 5th Arrondissement of the city.