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You can find a wide variety of different shows in Paris including operas, theatres, cabaret shows, through to live music venues, musicals, dinner shows and much more, so you can be sure to find something to suit everyone's tastes when visiting Paris.

Paris shows

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La Peniche Opera - Floating Opera Venue In Paris

Founded in 1982 the Paris Peniche Opera barge is a floating opera venue that offers operettas, opera comedy, musicals, Baroque opera and much more.

Peniche Antipode Floating Entertainment Venue

Located on Bassin de la Villette the Peniche Antipode is a floating childrens and adults entertainment venue with shows, concerts, cabarets and music events.

Le Zenith De Paris La Villette Concert Venue

Inside Park Villette the Zenith de Paris la Villette is one of the largest concert venues in Paris playing host to numerous different concerts and shows.

Le Cirque Phenix Circus In Paris

The Cirque Phenix and its circus performances are hosted in the largest circus tent in the world that can cater up to 6000 spectators for each performance.

Theatre Des Marionnettes Du Jardin Du Luxembourg

Founded in 1933 the Marionnettes inside Jardin du Luxembourg is a traditional childrens puppet theatre that is housed in a comfortable and modern building.

Peniche Demoiselle Floating Entertainment Venue

Moored at Bassin de la Villette the Peniche Demoiselle is a floating entertainment venue that offers live music like, dance performances, yoga sessions and more.

Theatre Paris-Villette Inside Park Villette

Located within Parc de la Villette the Theatre Paris-Villette is dedicated to contemporary forms of theatre and dance mainly for children and adolescents.

Maison De La Culture Du Japon

Inaugurated in 1997 the Japanese cultural centre in Paris is host to different events such as exhibitions, shows, cinema screenings, debates and lectures.

The Elephant Paname Cultural Centre

A restored Napoleon III mansion house that is now home to the Elephant Paname Cultural Centre, different forms of arts, exhibitions, dance, restaurant and more.

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