Maison de l’Air museum in Paris

The Maison de l’Air was a unique museum in Paris that is situated within the Parc de Belleville and is a centre that measures the air quality in Paris, but they also held permanent exhibitions and even workshops for people to discover more about the weather and climate, but unfortunately this is NOW CLOSED to the public.

About the Maison de l’Air museum

The Maison de l’Air basically translates to House of the Air and even though it plays a major role in measuring air quality around Paris via AIRPARIF and the METOSAT satellite images that monitors the weather patterns within Europe, the permanent exhibitions used to be fun and interactive as well as being educational.
Maison de l’Air museum at Parc de Belleville
You were invited to discover the relationship between living beings and the air and how it is used to sustain life, how creatures overcome gravity, allow birds to fly, allow plants to pollinate and much more within one particular part of the exhibition.

This place also monitors the environment and pollution factors, which provides people with a greater insight into taking care of our world.  Again in a fun and interactive way they used to provide information for the public to gain a greater understanding of our surroundings and look to helping future generations enjoy many of the things we take for granted, which is a shame that it has closed.

There also used to be many different themed rooms to discover, including lots of different instruments from both the past and present that have been used to monitor things such as wind and rain, a display of kites that are also used for demonstrations, plus you could have viewed the satellite images of the weather in real time.

In fact the Maison de l’Air used to be ideal for children to give them a greater insight into what we breathe in air, how do we know if it is clean, exploring all the senses like how sound travels through the air, the role air has in nature, and much more, which is why many school trips used to be organised here.

Access to the Maison de l’Air Museum

Located within the Parc de Belleville in the 20th Arrondissement, this museum in Paris was open on a Tuesday through to a Sunday from 1.30pm, however, as stated above, this is NOW CLOSED.

But you can still enjoy the Parc de Belleville with its many unusual features including panoramic views over parts of Paris, the unique childrens playground and its cascading fountain for instance.

Arriving via public transport in Paris, the nearest Metro stations are either the Pyrenees stop serving Line 11, which is closest to the entrance on the Rue Piat or the Couronnes stop via Line 2.

Yet you can also get here by bus on lines 26 and 96, plus the Noctilien Night Buses Lines N12 and N23 will also get you close by, with the pedestrian access to the Parc de Belleville being via Rue Piat as we mentioned above, and you may be pleased to know that the park is accessible to the disabled.

Address and contact details

Maison de l’Air, 27 Rue Piat, 75020, Paris, Ile de France, France

Tel: +33 (0) 1 43 28 47 63

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