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Le Pouce or The Thumb Sculpture in Paris

Located within the Defense area of Paris you can find an extremely unusual tourist attraction, which is a very large and realistic sculpture of a thumb.

About Le Pouce Sculpture in Paris

You will find numerous different sculptures and statues in Paris, and some of them are far more unusual than others, just like the large sculpture of a thumb that you can find within the Place Carpeaux.

This unusual tourist attraction in Paris known as Le Pouce in French, which was created by the artist Cesar Baldaccini back in 1965, and is now known internationally as a gesture of Good Luck, in other words, a Thumbs Up, which is now visited by thousands of people each year.
Cesar Baldaccini first produced a resin mould of his actual thumb, and then made a piece of art in metal from this, which was for an exhibition that was entitled The Hand, and it was such a phenomenal success that many copies of this have been made and are in different parts of the world.

It was later on when this French sculptor was then asked to produce a piece of work for the new Defense area, which is now recognised as the business district, and so, in 1965 he designed the large sculpture entitled Le Pouce or The Thumb which was designed from this original.

And incredibly, this large bronze sculpture of The Thumb measures approximately 12 metres in height and its weight is over 18 tons and on the back of this monument in Paris it even shows the fingerprint of Cesar Baldaccini, but this sculpture was only put in place in 1994.

Unfortunately, Cesar died in Paris in 1998 and he is buried within the Montparnasse Cemetery, but as well as this unusual work of art, there are others by this French artist that you can discover in Paris including those held within the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

Visiting Le Pouce, or The Thumb Sculpture in Paris

Now as we have mentioned earlier, Le Pouce is located in the La Defense within the business district of Paris, which is where you can find other tourist attractions and landmarks such as the Grande Arche, and this bronze sculpture is in an area known as Puteaux at the Place Carpeaux.

And when it come to utilising public transport in Paris, the nearest station is appropriately called the La Defense stop and this serves the Paris Metro on line 1, the RER trains via line A and the Tramway T2.

Address Details

Le Pouce
Place Carpeaux
La Defense
Ile de France

GPS Coordinates: 48° 53′ 37″ N 2° 14′ 19″ E

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