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We took these high definition photos showing the sculptures known as military trophies by Astyanax Bosio, that are located on the Pont des Invalides eastern side, which is a bridge over the River Seine that is now classed as a historical monument in Paris.

Paris Statues

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Military trophy sculpture on Pont des Invalides east side
The Pont des Invalides is one of the bridges in Paris that has a history dating from 1821, yet this first HD photo shows one of the original piers dating from 1850 and the sculpture above that dates from a few years later, when the new bridge was constructed in 1854.

Now this statue style sculpture is known as one of the military trophies, which was put in place at this time and included the imperial coat of arms, which was sculpted by Astyanax Scevola Bosio, also sometimes spelt Astyanax Scaevola Bosio.
Military trophy sculpture by Astyanax Scaevola Bosio
This particular military trophy sculpture is situated on the same side as a statue that was added on a central pier called the Land Victory, and you can see arms and different items portrayed at the base of the sculpture, which are different to what you will see on the opposite side of the Pont des Invalides.

And this was produced by Astyanax Scevola Bosio who was born in Paris in 1793 to the father of a history painter, yet initially he entered the military, before enrolling at the Ecole des Beaux Arts to become a French sculptor, which led to numerous public commissions including these Trophy sculptures in 1862.
Sculptures eastern side of Pont des Invalides
So the Pont des Invalides goes over the River Seine from the 8th Arrondissement, which is where we were standing when we took this photo close to the intersection between the Cours Albert 1st and the Cours la Reine. And classed as an historical bridge that has not changed since the 1800s, it travels over to the 7th Arrondissement of Paris and the Quai d'Orsay.

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