HD photos of Pont Notre-Dame in Paris

This time we were back in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris visiting Pont Notre-Dame, which connects Quai de Gesvres on the right bank of the River Seine over to Quai de la Corse on the Ile de la Cite island, and as you can see from these high definition photos, this bridge over the river now has a single central metal arch with stone arches each end, but not too long ago it had five stone arches and was nicknamed the Devil Bridge.

High definition photograph of Pont Notre-Dame over the River Seine in Paris

Pont Notre-Dame in Paris
Here you can see a photo we took looking towards the Pont Notre-Dame, which is the bridge over the River Seine that goes from the Quai de la Corse on the Ile de la Cite island on the left of the image, over to the right bank of the river to the Quai de Gesvres on the right of the image, that now only has a total of three arches.

This photo shows the western side of Pont Notre-Dame looking towards Ile de la Cite

Pont Notre-Dame western side
This is a photo of the Pont Notre-Dame that we took while standing on the Quai de Gesvres looking over the Voie Georges Pompidou towards the western side of the bridge, which was inaugurated yet again in 1919 with the same name as previous bridges, but now has only one steel arch with the two stone arches either side as you can see from this image.

View showing the eastern side of Pont Notre-Dame with the Dionysus keystone sculpture

Pont Notre-Dame Dionysus sculpture
Originally a stone bridge with six arches called the Pont Notre-Dame was constructed in the 1500s, but due to increased river traffic, a new bridge was constructed in 1853 with only five arches, and in this photo you can see a part of the original 1800s bridge with its stone keystone sculpted head above the arch in the centre, which was designed to depicts Dionysus, the Greek God of mythology.

This HD photograph shows one of the four bastions found on the Pont Notre-Dame in Paris

Pont Notre-Dame bastion
This is a high definition photograph we took of the Pont Notre-Dame looking at one of the bastions, which are the semi circular parts that jut out from the bridge over the piers, and as you can see in this image, they make a great photo opportunity for tourists with the ornate and traditional lamp posts on either side, yet are a part of the original bridge construction dating from the 1800s.

View of the eastern side pedestrian walkway on the Pont Notre-Dame

Pont Notre-Dame pedestrian path
We took this photograph looking over the Pont Notre-Dame and towards the road called the Rue de la Cite, which is located in between the two buildings and goes in a straight line past the historical Hopital Hotel-Dieu that you can see to the left of the image and meets up with another bridge called the Petit Pont on the opposite side of the island.

This picture shows the northern end of Pont Notre-Dame that connects to Quai de Gesvres

Pont Notre-Dame and Quai de Gesvres
Although parts of the Pont Notre-Dame date from the 1500s and the 1800s, some of it is more modern including the roadways and paths that you can see in this image we took while looking downstream of the River Seine towards the old castle called La Conciergerie.

Photograph of Pont Notre-Dame sign post on the bridge

Pont Notre-Dame sign post
Here you can see a close up photo we took of the plaque located on a lamp post at the start of the Pont Notre-Dame, which is located to the left hand side on the Quai de Gesvres in the 4th Arrondissement, as though you were looking over the bridge to the Ile de la Cite.

This photo was taken looking over the Pont Notre-Dame towards the Ile de la Cite Island

Looking over Pont Notre-Dame
The Pont Notre-Dame that you can see here in this picture we took while standing on it, was once nicknamed the Devils Bridge due to the many arches it had and the problems this caused for navigation on the River Seine, yet what you will see today is far more modern, although it is still over a century old.

Picture showing the Pont Notre-Dame central metal arch along with its two stone arches

Pont Notre-Dame central metal arch
The Pont Notre-Dame was originally constructed as a stone five arch bridge in 1853 utilising the original foundations dating back to around the 1500s, however, what you can see today, like in this photo, is of a steel bridge in one single arch that joins to the two original stone arches on either side, which was designed to allow river traffic to navigate more easily.