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You can find many different monuments in Paris that you can visit, including historical buildings dating back 100s of years, just like a medieval tower turned into a museum, a roman arena or the fabulous Notre Dame cathedral, which means there are so many places to discover while on holiday in Paris.

Paris monuments

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Tour Saint-Jacques Tower in Paris

The Saint-Jacques Tower is classified as a historical monument in Paris, yet is all that remains of the a Gothic church that was constructed in the 1500s.

Refectoire des Cordeliers in Paris

The Refectoire des Cordeliers is a refectory monument that dates back to the 13th century and is home to exhibitions, theatre productions and Musee Dupuytren.

Jardin Anne Frank Garden in Paris

This garden in Paris is dedicated to the young Jewish girl called Anne Frank who died in a concentration camp in World War II, yet became famous for her diary.

Pont Alexandre III Bridge In Paris

The most elegant bridge over the River Seine in Paris is the Pont Alexandre III, built with as many artists as ornamental features being used on the bridge.

Tour Jean Sans Peur Tower in Paris

The Tour Jean Sans Peur is a Medieval Tower that is now classified as a museum and a historical monument in Paris that dates back to the early 1400s.

Thomas Jefferson Monuments in Paris

You can find different monuments in Paris that are dedicated to Thomas Jefferson, who was an American minister to France and lived in Paris for over 4 years.

Fontaine de Paradis or Fontaine de Soubise Fountain in Paris

Constructed in the 1600s this drinking fountain in Paris is not functioning today, but it is yet another one of the monuments in Paris you can discover.

Maxim’s Musee Art Nouveau Museum in Paris

The Maxim’s Musee Art Bouveau in Paris is a privately owned museum that show cases art from the art nouveau time including the Belle Epoch era.

Place du Chatelet Square in Paris

The Place du Chatelet is a square in Paris has a fountain and statue that commemorates some of the victories Napoleon Bonaparte I had.

Le Passe-Muraille Sculpture in Paris

A sculpture that has been designed of a man coming through a wall, which is an unusual monument in Paris based on a novel by Marcel Ayme.

Eglise Saint Joseph des Carmes Church in Paris France

The Church of Saint Joseph Carmelite in Paris has tours along with masses, and with its crypt, there is a fascinating history waiting to be discovered.

Square Emile Chautemps in Paris

This square in Paris has different monuments, a playground for children, area for French bowles and is also close to the Gaite Lyrique theatre.

Bibliotheque Paul-Marmottan Library and Museum in Paris

This museum In Paris is dedicated to the First Empire and Napoleonic history, and this library turned museum was first built in the late 19th century.

Palais de la Porte Doree Museum and Monument in Paris

Home to the Museum of the History of Immigration in France and a tropical Aquarium, this building was first constructed for the 1931 International Exhibition.

The Hotel Lamoignon Mansion House in Paris

Hotel Lamoignon is one of the oldest mansion houses in Marais and is home to the Bibliotheque Historique de la Ville de Paris or historical library of Paris.

Place de la Bataille de Stalingrad Square in Paris France

Named after the Battle of Stalingrad, this historical square in Paris is located at an intersection between the Canal de l’Ourcq and the Canal Saint-Martin.

Fontaine des Innocents Fountain in Paris

The Fontaine des Innocents is the oldest monumental fountain in Paris dating from the 1500s, and is in the centre of the square called Place Joachim du Bellay.

The Chinese Pagoda in Paris

When it comes to some of the unusual buildings and monuments in Paris, then the Chinese Pagoda has got to be one not to be missed.

The Wallace Fountains in Paris

The Wallace Fountains in Paris are named after Richard Wallace who designed and paid for these drinking water fountains that are dotted all over Paris.

The Fontaine Saint-Michel Fountain in Paris

Fontaine Saint-Michel was completed in 1860 is the tallest fountain in Paris, which was designed by Gabriel Davioud, and is dedicated to the Arc Angel Michael.

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