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We took these HD photos showing a building on the Rue Cassini in the 14th Arrondissement of Paris with lots of trees and plants growing on the outside of the facade, which we found quite unusual to see in the heart of the city.

Paris city life

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Green Foliage Over Centre Cassini 8 Bis Rue Cassini
And this is a view looking up the street showing more of the building, which is actually called the Centre Cassini, and if you look carefully at the red sign on the wall, this is what it states under the address of 8 bis Rue Cossini.
Greenery facade Centre Cassini Rue Cassini
So here you can see more of the building with its creepers growing, and this is actually a care centre and organisation dedicated to helping people with addictions to such things as alcohol, drugs and even children addicted to games, yet it also offers many other things such as support, prevention, therapeutic activities, etc.
Creepers growing over Centre Cassini facade
Now this is why you can see a specific type of ambulance located outside the Centre Cassini building, which is actually managed by the Hospital Cochin located on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques, also in the 14th Arrondissement of Paris.
Tree And Vines growing over Centre Cassini Paris
We felt this was possibly why the building was getting covered in greenery, to make it look far more inviting to those that are going to the centre with issues, whether it be psychological or an addition, which unfortunately these types of problems are a part of city life in virtually every country.
Ivy covering corner of Centre Cassini building
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