Photo of Scam Artists at the Eiffel Tower in Paris - Page 9

Unfortunately this is not one of our best quality photos, as this was a snapshot we took very quickly of a group of people who were leaving an area exceedingly quickly, and the reason being, is because they were basically praying on tourists for money, and you may be able to see a couple of them in this image with clipboards and papers in their hands, and this is because they were asking people to sign a partition, but when you did, they demanded money, and even though most of them were women, children as young as around 10 were being told to do this by going up to strangers in the Champ de Mars park including dropping a pen so that you pick it up and then get collared that way, and when we were around the Eiffel Tower area we saw lots of them, so we just had to include the photo, as we wanted to warn other people that there are con artists around and not just pick pocketers or the opportunist.

Paris city life

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Scam artists Paris
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