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The history of Paris dates back to the fourth millennium BC, and today you can find many different places to visit like historical monuments, mansions, along with the world famous royal palaces and chateaux, which can be found in and around Paris.

Paris history

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History Of The Pont Neuf - The Oldest Bridge In Paris

Original plans for the Pont Neuf were drawn up in 1556 with the first stone being laid in 1578 and eventually the bridge was completed on 20th June 1603.

History of the Bibliotheque Historique de la Ville de Paris Library

The history behind this is the historical library of Paris that is dedicated to the history of Paris and the Ile de France region, dates back to the 1700s.

History Of The Rotonde de la Villette Monument In Paris

The Rotonde de la Villette was constructed in a record time of only two years and was completed in 1788 by the architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux.

Thermes de Cluny Roman Baths In Paris

The Thermes de Cluny are the ruins of the Gallo-Roman thermal baths constructed in approximately the 3rd century and are the best preserved in the city.

History of the Hediard Boutique and Restaurant in Paris

It all started when Ferdinand Hediard first saw exotic fruits like bananas and lychees at the port in Le Havre and had a vision of supplying these to people.

Hotel Carnavalet Mansion House In Paris

The Hotel Carnavalet is one of the oldest houses in the Marais area of Paris, and is the home of Musee Carnavalet, which is the Museum of the history of Paris.

The History of Fauchon in Paris

The first store was opened by Auguste Fauchon in 1886 and over the years became an international name for gourmet foods, yet with innovation and new ideas.

History Of The Pont d'Iena Bridge In Paris

The history of the Pont d'Iena or Jena bridge all started in the 1800s when Napoleon Bonaparte I first decided that he wanted a bridge over the River Seine.

The History Of Wallace Fountains In Paris

Wallace fountains are drinking water fountains in Paris that can be found all over the city which were designed and constructed by Richard Wallace in the 1800s.

The Hotel le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau Historical Mansion In Paris

A beautiful mansion house constructed in 1688 within the Marais area and is now part of the Musee Carnavalet which is the museum of the history of Paris

History of Musee des Art Asiatiques Guimet Museum In Paris

The industrialist Emile Guimet devoted his time to Asia and accumulated a large collection of different artefacts that eventually became the Musee Guimet.

History Of The Au Pied de Cochon Restaurant In Paris

The Au Pied de Cochon is a famous restaurant in Paris that has never closed its doors since 1947, but the history of this restaurant starts before World War II.

History Of The Pont des Arts Bridge In Paris

The history of the Pont des Arts footbridge over the River Seine was first thought of by Napoleon Bonaparte I way back in 1804 but was actually built later.

Building And History Of The Institut du Monde Arabe

The IMA or Institut du Monde Arabe building had to use innovative technology within its design, which was based upon an effect often used in Islamic architecture.

History Of The King Henri IV Statue

The history of Paris dates back to the fourth millennium BC, and today you can find many different historical monuments to visit in and around Paris.

History Of The Pont de Bir-Hakeim Bridge

The history of the Pont de Bir-Hakeim dates back to 1878 when it was decided that a metal footbridge over the River Seine in Paris would be needed.

History Of The Institut de France

The history of the Institut de France starts with Cardinal Jules Mazarin who bequeathed a large sum of money to construct a new college building in Paris.

Palais Galliera Palace

Constructed in the 1800s the Palais Galliera was purposely built to be a museum in a Renaissance style then passed to the City of Paris.

History Of The Pont du Carrousel

The Pont du Carrousel history dates back to 1830 when the first bridge was built at this location, which was designed by architect Antoine-Remy Polonceau.

History Of Prieure Saint-Martin-des-Champs

The history of behind this church and priory in Paris called Saint-Martin-des-Champs dates way back before the 1100s and King Henry I.

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