French Campsites In Auvergne

The Auvergne region is an ideal place for a family camping holiday in France, with its Romanesque churches, castles and chateaux, the spa towns and nature parks for relaxation, along with the largest group of volcanoes in Europe, which really offers visitors some spectacular sights to visit, when on a camping holiday at one of the many French campsites that are dotted around this region of France.

Auvergne Campsites

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Camping la Fridiere Campsite In Auvergne

Camping la Fridiere is a family run French campsite that has English speaking staff, WiFi internet access around the café and bar area, plus a motorhome service area and is close to a picturesque stream where children can play.

Camping du Colombier Campsite In Auvergne

This is a very rural French campsite located in the volcano park high up on a hill with fabulous views, but there is a swimming pool, table tennis, etc and they also own the nearby inn with its typical country cooking style of French cuisine.

Camping la Charviere Campsite In Auvergne

Camping la Charviere is a popular French campsite for families with young children as there is a petting zoo and a secure outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, childrens playground, also a pleasant relaxing campsite in spring and autumn.

Camping la Rochelambert Campsite In Auvergne

Camping la Rochelambert is a tranquil French campsite spread over an area of 4 hectares that has a swimming pool and is an ideal base for those that love outdoor activities and adventure being close to a fast flowing river and gorges.

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